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TIQI - Trapped Ion Quantum Information

Our group is interested in investigating experimentally the role of information in quantum mechanics, and the transition between quantum and classical dynamics. The two are closely related - when a quantum system interacts with its environment, the loss of coherence in the system is due to sharing of information with the environment. We would like to investigate this in a controlled manner, by precision control of the system, environment, and the coupling between the two. We are simultaneously developing new methods for quantum state generation and quantum information processing with trapped atomic ions.

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Congratulations for your Poster Prize at ICOLS Oliver Wipfli

"Quantum simulation with ions in a two-dimensional optical lattice" Read more 


We congratulate Karan Mehta for his ETH Fellowship

Read more 


We congratulate Christa Flühmann for her Poster prize at the Heraeus Seminar

Read more 


Frieder Lindenfelser successfully defends his PhD thesis!

Frieder defends his thesis titled “Broadband cooling on a forbidden transition in a novel high-optical-access ion trap”. Read more 


Outstanding Doctoral Thesis 2016 for Daniel Kienzler

Read more 


Jonathan Home appointed Associate Professor

Read more 


The TIQI Group members congratulate Jonathan for winning the Latsis Prize 2016

At the frontier of quantum physics Read more 


We congratulate Daniel Kienzler for his Poster prize at the European Conference on Trapped Ions 2016

with the title "Applications of motional squeezing in trapped-ion systems" Read more 

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