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TIQI - Trapped Ion Quantum Information

Our group is interested in investigating experimentally the role of information in quantum mechanics, and the transition between quantum and classical dynamics. The two are closely related - when a quantum system interacts with its environment, the loss of coherence in the system is due to sharing of information with the environment. We would like to investigate this in a controlled manner, by precision control of the system, environment, and the coupling between the two. We are simultaneously developing new methods for quantum state generation and quantum information processing with trapped atomic ions.

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Outstanding Doctoral Thesis 2016 for Daniel Kienzler

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Jonathan Home appointed Associate Professor

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The TIQI Group members congratulate Jonathan for winning the Latsis Prize 2016

At the frontier of quantum physics Read more 


We congratulate Daniel Kienzler to his Poster prize at the European Conference on Trapped Ions 2016

with the title "Applications of motional squeezing in trapped-ion systems" Read more 


BBC Click - in our labs on June 2015

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Quantum interference between two different locations. D. Kienzler et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 140402 (2016)

We observe directly the quantum interference between an atom superposed at two locations separated by 240 nm. We use a squeezed reconstruction to access large quantum states - the largest "Schrodinger's cats" observed to date. Read more 


Estimation of a general single-qubit Hamiltonian. L.E. de Clerq et al. Nature Comms. 7, 11218 (2016)

We devise a method for reconstructing any unknown Hamiltonian on a single spin, and demonstrate it using a single travelling ion.  Read more 


Bang-bang control of trapped ion motion. J. Alonso et al. Nature Comms. 7, 11243 (2016)

Cryogenic CMOS electronics allows nano-second control of trapped-ion motional states Read more 

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