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Permanent members

Prof. Dr. Jonathan Home, Group Leader

I studied at Oxford for undergraduate and PhD studies (the latter in the group of Prof. Andrew Steane). I enjoyed working with trapped ions, so moved on to N.I.S.T., where I was a post-doc under Dr. David Wineland. My CV can be found here (PDF, 72 KB)

tel: +41 44 633 31 66

Mirjam Bruttin, Group Secretary

Prior to joining ETH in February 2014, I worked at Buehler AG and SRF (Swiss Radio and Television) as a senior purchasing manager for several years. In addition I have a diploma in event management.

tel: +41 44 633 22 95

Senior assistants

Dr Joseba Alonso, Senior Assistant

I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Valencia, and completed my PhD with Prof. Günther Werth and Prof. Klaus Blaum at the University of Mainz. There I set up a Penning-trap experiment for testing bound-state QED calculations via the measurement of the g-factor of single highly-charged ions. During my time as a postdoc in the TIQI group I set up a cryogenic surface-electrode trap experiment where we integrated fast digital electronics.

tel: +41 44 633 23 29



Cagri Oenal,  Engineer

Before starting working at TIQI, I finished my undergrad studies at the department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, METU, Turkey and obtained my master's degree in Computer Science from EPFL, Switzerland. In addition to my engineering and development support activities at TIQI, I am currently also working for an industrial company as a senior R&D Engineer.

Post-doctoral research assistants

tiqi Florian Leupold

Florian Leupold, Post-doctoral Research Assistant

Before starting my Ph.D. studies at ETHZ, I received my Diploma degree from the Free University of Berlin and my BSc (Hons) from the Victoria University of Wellington. I did the research for my diploma thesis in the group of Anton Zeilinger at the University of Vienna where we worked towards experiments with ultracold He* atoms.

tel: +41 44 633 94 65

Matthew Grau, Post-doctoral Research Assistant

I received my undergraduate degree from Caltech. I did my PhD work in the groups of Prof. Eric Cornell and Prof. Jun Ye at JILA and the University of Colorado, where I worked on a precision measurement of the electron's electric dipole moment using trapped molecular ions.

tel: +41 44 633 23 31


Klara Rhaissa Burlamaqui Theophilo, Post-doctoral Research Assistant

During my undergrad and master (UFC - Federal University of Ceará) I studied material science. However I was charmed by Quantum Mechanics and felt an urge to investigate interactions in a more fundamental level, what led me to a Phd in Cold atoms/coherent effects at USP (University of São Paulo). Afterwards I engaged in a Post-doc at University of Oxford, building fiber-tip cavities for coupling with single trapped atoms. I joint the group to tackle the challenge of building a fiber-tip cavity for coupling with trapped Ions.



Thanh Long Nguyen, Post-doctoral Research Assistant

I did my undergraduate at the university of Tokyo. I moved then to France to follow my Master program at Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau). During my PhD project afterwards in the CQED group at LKB (Paris), I was exploring the quantum world using Rydberg atoms whose outer electron is brought very close to the ionization threshold. Interested in going further with atoms whose one electron is removed, I joined the TIQI group as a postdoctoral researcher.



Karan Kartik Mehta, Post-doctoral Research Assistant

I studied physics and electrical engineering as an undergraduate at UCLA. I then did my PhD work in electrical engineering at MIT and advised by Rajeev Ram, with a thesis on trapped-ion technologies drawing on integrated optics and CMOS techniques.


PhD students

Vlad Negnevitsky, PhD Student

I studied physics and electrical engineering at Monash University, Australia. I completed my Honours projects and worked as a research assistant in Lincoln Turner's spinor BEC group, investigating diode laser stabilisation and rf synthesis. I became interested in quantum information around this time, which led me to join this group.

tel: +41 44 633 32 58

Matteo Marinelli, PhD Student

I received my BSc from the University of Milan. I then moved to ETH Zurich for Masters studies. Once I arrived here I become more and more interested in quantum information and in particular ion trap physics. This led me to join this group to complete a semester project and my Master thesis.

tel: +41 44 633 23 29

Christa Flühmann, PhD Student

After I received my Bachelors degree in physics at ETH Zürich I worked for a PCB production company optimizing the production of ultrafine line structures. Afterwards I spent five months in Professor Barrett's group at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore. There, I worked on trapping of single neutral atoms. Since I am interested in the group's research I joined this group to do my master thesis and PhD.

tel: +41 44 633 20 75

Simon Ragg, PhD Student

During my masters studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich I became interested in the field of quantum information. A student assistantship in the group of Prof. Hnsch at the Max-Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in Garching finally aroused my interest for ion trapping.

tel: +41 44 633 04 11

Christoph Fischer, PhD Student

After I received my Bachelors degree in physics at the ETH, I started a consecutive Masters where I became interested in the fields of quantum optics and information.

tel: +41 44 633 04 11

Chi Zhang, PhD Student

After my undergraduate study in Electrical Engineering at Peking University, I spent one year in an electrical engineering PhD program at Stony Brook University in the USA. I was more interested in fundamental scientific research, however, so I switched to physics at ETH. Here, I became interested in the quantum information experiments, and therefore joined the TIQI group to do my master thesis.

tel: +41 44 633 26 89

Oliver Wipfli, PhD Student

The first two years of my undergraduate studies I spent at EPFL. Getting interested in quantum mechanics during an Erasmus year at Imperial College London I continued my studies at ETH Zürich focusing on quantum physics. For my master’s thesis I joined the group of Cindy Regal at JILA in Boulder, Colorado and worked on optomechanics. Because I like quantum things and also enjoy working in the lab I found a PhD in ion physics would be ideal for me.

tel: +41 44 633 04 11

Maciej Malinowski, PhD Student

I completed my undergraduate degree in physics at Magdalen College, University of Oxford. There I became interested in quantum information and joined Oxford's Trapped Ion Quantum Computing group for my Masters project. Having enjoyed getting my hands dirty with optics and electronics, I decided to carry on trapping ions in a more mountainous environment.

tel: +41 44 633 04 11

Robin Oswald, PhD Student

During my Physics BSc at ETH I joined the TIQI group for a semester project. Afterwards, I switched to a MSc focused on control engineering. As it turns out manipulating quantum systems requires very fine control, so I rejoined the group for my Master's thesis. Having enjoyed the wide range of practical challenges, I decided to continue towards a PhD.

tel: +41 44 633 37 91


Roland Matt, PhD Student

I received my BSc from the University of Tartu (Estonia) working in the Physical Optics group of prof. Peeter Saari. During those years I developed a keen interest towards optics and quantum mechanics which lead me to continue my studies in ETH Zürich. Working on my masters project in the TIQI group made me realize that I want to pursue a PhD degree in the field of trapped ion QIP.



Chiara Decaroli, PhD Student

I received my BSc in Physics at the University of Edinburgh and I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Photonics. I am interested in fundamental Physics problems with a strong experimental aspect. For this reason I joined the TIQI group for a summer internship during which I worked on the optical design for addressing of individual ions.


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