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"Broadband cooling on a forbidden transition in a novel high-optical-access ion trap"
Thesis (PDF, 13.1 MB) Frieder Lindenfelser (Spring 2017)

"Transport Quantum Logic Gates for Trapped Ions"                                Thesis (PDF, 10.4 MB) Ludwig De Clerq (Autumn 2015)

"Creation of Squeezed Schrödinger's Cat States in a Mixed-Species Ion Trap"
Thesis (PDF, 14 MB) Hsiang-Yu Lo (Autumn 2015)

"Bang-Bang Control of a Trapped-Ion Oscillator"
Thesis (PDF, 14.2 MB) Florian Leupold (Autumn 2015)

"Quantum Harmonic Oscillator State Synthesis by Reservoir Engineering"
Thesis (PDF, 9.1 MB) Daniel Kienzler (Spring 2015)

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