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Brennan MacDonald-de Neeve

After finishing my Bachelor's studies in physics and engineering at
McGill University in Canada, I worked in the group of Dr. Lilian Childress on
Nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond. This introduced me to the field of
quantum information and ultimately lead me to come to the TIQI group during my
Master's studies here at ETH.


Hung Do, Master Student

I did my Bachelor Degree in the National University of Singapore, where I became  interested in quantum mechanics and spent a lot of time in the Center for Quantum Technology there. After that I enrolled in the Erasmus+ Master Europhotonics, where I learn more about applied Optics. I think that Quantum technologies are  developing very rapidly so I want to continue taking part in this exciting evolution. I came to ETH Zürich for Master Thesis because I want to be part of a renowned institute, at the same time experience European cultures and languages. I am currently working on building a VCSEL laser for the Optical Trap of Magnesium Ions.

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